Sara & Phillip | Austin, Tx

I shot Sara and Phillip’s wedding back in the spring with Lauren.  Not only was this a 12 hour wedding, but it was held at a girls’ summer camp outside of Wimberley, Tx. Sara and Phillip’s entire family partook in typical summer camp activities. There was a ropes course, rock climbing, swimming, basketball, and more. Everything that happens at a summer camp was unfolding right in front of our camera lenses. Working with Phillip was an extreme pleasure. He was more than willing to have someone shadow him, and he made a great subject overall. I particularly enjoyed photographing his sister helping him button his shirt. It was a great moment witnessing Phillip and his sister debate how far to roll up his sleeves and how much was “too” much. It was indeed another interesting wedding experience (scroll down to see the crazy robotic looking dog I met), and without trying to sound too full of myself, I think Lauren and I took some awesome shots. I am pleased to share Sara and Phillip’s wedding. Congratulations!

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