Emily | Bridal | Austin, Tx

Emily’s bridal session was taken on the campus of UT. It was wonderful getting to know her and of course taking photos on my old stomping ground. Also, Emily’s wedding will be held on Baylor’s campus and the reception will be held in the Armstrong Browning Library. I found some information about the library on Baylor’s website. “It is a 19th-century research center dedicated to the study of the lives and works of Victorian poets Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning…It has also become a popular stop for travelers and school groups who are attracted by the love story and poetry of the Brownings.”

Having an English degree requires that I get super excited about the prospect of a wedding in a library especially one dedicated to the research of the Brownings. I’ll be bringing my second shooter Mike Andrick along for the ride as well. Stay tuned!

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