Zach and Mike

While I was finishing my job as a second shooter for Lauren McGlynn and starting my own wedding photography business, I knew it was time to find a reliable second shooter for myself. I asked Lauren who she would recommend for the position and the first person she named was Mike Andrick.

After meeting Mike for a drink in Hyde Park, we both realized we had much in common besides the obvious love for photography. When we finally did begin to work together, I felt our photographic styles complimented each other nicely. It was perfect really. At times we even communicate by only using a series of nods and winks, and I love that.

That is the main reason I feature Mike on all of my packages. I know that the photos we both take during a wedding will work well together and create a seamless narrative of a couple’s wedding day.

(Photograph above taken at Stubb’s during a couple’s post-wedding party. I’m on the left, Mike is on the right)

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