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Femme et vélo is back!

The photography project, Femme et vélo is back! I initially started this project with Mike Andrick in 2011, but it has been on hiatus since early 2012. Recently, I decided it was time to give the project another shot.

The project celebrates the liberating relationship between a woman and a bicycle, as well as the style that goes along with it. Inspired by vintage images of ladies on two wheels, I work with different models and bikes for each photo shoot.

Also, I plan to feature different photography projects within the project itself. I can’t wait to share more details about it. Until then, I will leave you with this photo of Olivia taken last Sunday as well as a link to the project’s new website here!

olivia - fev - 1-1-2


News: A Visit to the Northeast

On Friday, I’ll be boarding a plane with my girlfriend to shoot a friend’s wedding outside of D.C. Then Amelia and I will travel to NYC, New Haven and Boston for about a week. I’ve never been to the Northeast before so I’m pretty stoked about the opportunity.

I’ll be taking photos while we walk around hanging with friends, visiting museums and eating delicious seafood, so stay tuned for a few blog posts covering my experience. Also, check back for the wedding preview because the couple is crazy adorable.

Austrian Feminist Magazine (an.schläge) Cover | June 2012

I was contacted a couple of months ago by an Austrian Feminist magazine about using a photograph I had taken during my time with Femme et vélo. I had no idea the photo was going to make it to the cover though. If you would like to check out the website but don’t speak German, just ask Google Chrome to translate it for you. Fortunately, my girlfriend Amelia will be able to read it to me.

Click here to check out the original image on Femme et vélo.

Photo Show at ABB Gallery

Earlier this month I was invited to be included in a group photo show at ABB gallery down on East 5th. I’ll be featuring three of my film photographs. It was tough choosing just three photos to represent your work, but I feel confident about the selection I chose. I’ll be making another blog post before the show with dates and times as well as which photos I decided to feature.

(The above photo was taken at a Zoltars show at 29th St. Ballroom near Spiderhouse. When choosing the three photos for the show, this photo came in fourth.) 

The Zoltars | SXSW

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I love photographing people doing what they are passionate about. This has led me to photograph drag kings, non-profit meetings and fundraisers, band performances, and yes, I consider weddings falling under this category, too. When people are in the moment doing what they love, I feed off of it, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else except behind my lens taking photographs.

I’ve photographed my friend Jared and his band, the Zoltars on many occasions. Jared even chose one of my more artsy photographs for his album cover which should be released in the near future. This week is SXSW in Austin, and Jared is performing all week. I know it’ll be hectic for him, so I’m wishing him luck. If you are in town and joining in the festivities, you should definitely check out the Zoltars.

the zoltars, zoltars, jared zoltar, weddings, austin wedding photography, austin bands, austin band photography