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A Trip to Zilker Park

When Lauren McGlynn came into town from Scotland to shoot a friend’s wedding, she set aside a Sunday so that we could venture outdoors and enjoy the gorgeous weather together. Lauren has already made such a lovely post of photographs she took that day with her film cameras (including her amazing new Hasselblad) on her own site. I took my AE-1 with me, and snapped a few shots when I wasn’t soaking in some much needed autumnal rays.

Recent Roll: Wurstfest | New Braunfels, Tx

Recently I visited my hometown of New Braunfels to attend Wurstfest with my girlfriend Amelia. Wurstfest is essentially a sausage and beer festival with lots of yodeling and Polka music. It is a very good excuse to drink dark German beer and eat copious amounts of meat and fried food. I decided this year I should bring my film camera and take photos of people enjoying themselves. Another awesome aspect of Wurstfest is: Crazy hats! See how many you can spot.

Femme et vélo | Photo Project

Earlier this year I started a photography project called Femme et vélo with my second shooter Mike Andrick. FEV is essentially a fashion editorial project that brings together women and bicycles. The idea for the project came about when Mike and I were discussing old photographs we had seen of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn on bikes and thought how great it would be to recreate similar moments with models and vintage bicycles. We ended up meeting Shari who signed on as our wonderfully talented stylist. Without her I feel this project would have ended after only a few shoots. Shari owns a beautiful vintage clothing store called Charm School Vintage on Cesar Chavez. If you live in Austin, you should definitely check it out.

As for working on this project, I’m excited to be learning about a different approach and style to photography while having the opportunity to use several film cameras I’ve acquired over the past year including a Mamiya C330 and a Canon AE-1. Together we’ve been kicked out of a golf course and abandoned parking lot, I ripped a good pair of jeans hopping over fences, and we’ve had a couple of fantastic post-photo shoot soirees together. And it’s all been incredibly fun! This prompted me to post a collection of photos I’ve taken to celebrate what we’ve accomplished so far together. Don’t forget to check out Mike’s photos as well on the tumblr site!

Recent Roll | On a Walk | Austin, Tx

I love shooting with film. There’s something so magical about it. Sometimes I use film during FEV shoots. Other times I simply walk around the neighborhood snapping shots of things that grab my attention. These photographs are from one of those walks including a photo of Amelia before I left the house.

Zach and Mike

While I was finishing my job as a second shooter for Lauren McGlynn and starting my own wedding photography business, I knew it was time to find a reliable second shooter for myself. I asked Lauren who she would recommend for the position and the first person she named was Mike Andrick.

After meeting Mike for a drink in Hyde Park, we both realized we had much in common besides the obvious love for photography. When we finally did begin to work together, I felt our photographic styles complimented each other nicely. It was perfect really. At times we even communicate by only using a series of nods and winks, and I love that.

That is the main reason I feature Mike on all of my packages. I know that the photos we both take during a wedding will work well together and create a seamless narrative of a couple’s wedding day.

(Photograph above taken at Stubb’s during a couple’s post-wedding party. I’m on the left, Mike is on the right)

Photographer for the LOBV | Austin, Tx

I don’t know if I shared this with my readers before, but I’m a huge bicycle nerd. I love bikes so much I even have a fashion editorial blog dedicated to women on bikes called Femme et vélo with my second shooter Mike. Whether it’s commuting to the grocery store, leisurely riding alongside my girlfriend Amelia to a nice restaurant, or cycling hundreds of miles in the early mornings on my road bike with friends, I get so much pleasure from getting out in the open air and experiencing central Texas by bike. That’s why I think a good bicycle infrastructure is so important for the city of Austin. I decided it was time to take some action and dedicate my photography skills to the cause. I am now volunteering with the LOBV (League of Bicycle Voters) as their photographer to help fill out their site with images. If you haven’t checked them out, they do amazing work. Here are some photographs from a board meeting I shot recently. Expect to see a few photos from the Green City Festival soon as well!


Last month I made a trip to Oregon to visit a good friend of mine and to sneak in a little vacation time before the fall wedding season began. I’d never visited the northwest before, so I was eager to check out a bit of nature during my stay. After a day of hiking near Marys Peak, we drove down to the beach to hang out and eat dinner. I believe I caught Oregon during a very good time of year. The weather didn’t get above the low 90s during the day, and the night air was amazing. Here are the photos I took with my film camera. Enjoy!

The Zoltars | Live

I was fortunate enough to be asked by my good friend Jared to photograph The Zoltars’ live performance at Spiderhouse the other night. Jared is the band’s lead singer and guitarist. We met last summer working at a Jewish summer camp in town, and needless to say, we hit it off. It also makes me extremely happy to watch The Zoltars get more and more recognition in the Austin music scene. If you haven’t heard them yet, you should definitely check out their website. The band will be featured on Daytrotter soon so look out for that too. Here are some of my favorite shots from that night. Enjoy!

Amelia, Jack and Film Photography

I finally received the first roll of film from my new AE-1 film camera. Here is a photo that I took of my girlfriend Amelia and our dog Jack. I also used the camera during an engagement shoot I did at FINO recently. Stay tuned for those next week!

I hope to bring my film camera with me to all my upcoming weddings. There is definitely some added work with shooting film i.e. developing, scanning, and editing, but I feel the results definitely outweigh the additional work. Enjoy! – Z

Femme et vélo

I started a new photography project with my second shooter Mike Andrick called Femme et vélo which brings together women, style and bicycles. Our love for classic bikes as well as vintage images of the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot on two wheels really inspired the project. I’m truly excited to be using my twin lens medium-format film camera as Mike photographs digitally in color. The best of both worlds! You can follow us on twitter and facebook. Thanks, Z