His personality, demeanor, and professionalism are second to none and his eye for beautiful, true, and raw pictures is uncanny! He captured the personality of each individual and the tone of each moment without being intrusive or an inanimate fixture. We could not have worked with a better individual!


If I ever have a goldfish, I’m naming them Zach and Mike (his second shooter). And if those goldfish die, I’ll get more and name the new goldfish Zach and Mike as well. Because they are just that rad, for realz!


He takes beautiful, interesting photos that have artistic merit outside the confines of the wedding industry. He is conscious of what brides and grooms (or brides and brides or grooms and grooms or bands or ladies on bikes) want, but doesn’t seem particularly phased or concerned with the requisite trend of the week. Zach can definitely shoot a pretty picture– but it is a pretty picture that captures you, your partner, your family and your friends above all else.


You can really tell this is his passion. One of my friends posted a picture on Facebook of our first dance, and you can see Zach in profile off to the side, and he’s got this big smile on his face, behind his camera. I’m pretty sure he had at least as much fun as we did. And I can’t stop staring at all the pretty pictures.


Zach’s style was creative and inspired. We would highly recommend him to any newlyweds with an appreciation for passionate work.


The day of the wedding he was a chameleon, capturing the small moments and natural, beautiful essence of our day. My husband and I are very pleased with his work, and would recommend him to like-minded, practical people everywhere.


He honestly made me feel so elegant and beautiful and that’s not easy to do, for me. Zach is an outstanding photographer and I couldn’t have hoped for anything more.


I can’t imagine anyone else capturing the pure energy and exuberance of the day any better than he did.

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