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A Trip to Zilker Park

When Lauren McGlynn came into town from Scotland to shoot a friend’s wedding, she set aside a Sunday so that we could venture outdoors and enjoy the gorgeous weather together. Lauren has already made such a lovely post of photographs she took that day with her film cameras (including her amazing new Hasselblad) on her own site. I took my AE-1 with me, and snapped a few shots when I wasn’t soaking in some much needed autumnal rays.

Recent Roll: Wurstfest | New Braunfels, Tx

Recently I visited my hometown of New Braunfels to attend Wurstfest with my girlfriend Amelia. Wurstfest is essentially a sausage and beer festival with lots of yodeling and Polka music. It is a very good excuse to drink dark German beer and eat copious amounts of meat and fried food. I decided this year I should bring my film camera and take photos of people enjoying themselves. Another awesome aspect of Wurstfest is: Crazy hats! See how many you can spot.

Recent Roll | On a Walk | Austin, Tx

I love shooting with film. There’s something so magical about it. Sometimes I use film during FEV shoots. Other times I simply walk around the neighborhood snapping shots of things that grab my attention. These photographs are from one of those walks including a photo of Amelia before I left the house.

Amelia, Jack and Film Photography

I finally received the first roll of film from my new AE-1 film camera. Here is a photo that I took of my girlfriend Amelia and our dog Jack. I also used the camera during an engagement shoot I did at FINO recently. Stay tuned for those next week!

I hope to bring my film camera with me to all my upcoming weddings. There is definitely some added work with shooting film i.e. developing, scanning, and editing, but I feel the results definitely outweigh the additional work. Enjoy! – Z