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Photographer for the LOBV | Austin, Tx

I don’t know if I shared this with my readers before, but I’m a huge bicycle nerd. I love bikes so much I even have a fashion editorial blog dedicated to women on bikes called Femme et vélo with my second shooter Mike. Whether it’s commuting to the grocery store, leisurely riding alongside my girlfriend Amelia to a nice restaurant, or cycling hundreds of miles in the early mornings on my road bike with friends, I get so much pleasure from getting out in the open air and experiencing central Texas by bike. That’s why I think a good bicycle infrastructure is so important for the city of Austin. I decided it was time to take some action and dedicate my photography skills to the cause. I am now volunteering with the LOBV (League of Bicycle Voters) as their photographer to help fill out their site with images. If you haven’t checked them out, they do amazing work. Here are some photographs from a board meeting I shot recently. Expect to see a few photos from the Green City Festival soon as well!