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Musicians | Austin, Tx

Lauren and I will be shooting around 16 or so weddings this fall so I’ll be posting them weekly. If you want to view past weddings, engagements and/or bridals, you can look at the sidebar to the left to see everything I have recently uploaded.

This post is about my work with artists, primarily focusing on musicians. Documenting musicians has always been a unique experience for me. I prefer to show the many facets of a band during their practice, recording and hangout time. This has proved more interesting to me than photographing live performances. Bryan Ray and Chris Grant make up the beginning of the post. Followed by the band Harlem. And last but not least, the post ends with an up-and-coming garage rock band that I’m addicted to called The Zoltars. All the musicians have been linked to their respective myspace pages. I’m sure they’ll be playing a live show in Austin sooner or later so check ’em out. Enjoy!

Bryan and Chris:


The Zoltars: