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Nora and Dave’s Silver Spring Wedding

First off, Nora and Dave’s wedding was held in Silver Spring, MD at Adelphi Mill. There wasn’t an actual ceremony since the couple were already married. Basically, the gathering was a huge party which I can totally get behind. The dance party towards the end of the night was epic to say the least. Scroll down for photos of people getting “cray.” Congratulations, Nora and Dave!

Kings N Things | Austin’s Premier Drag King Troupe

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph the annual Kings N Things (Austin’s Premier Drag King Troupe) performance, and I leapt at the chance. If you haven’t seen the troupe before, here’s an excerpt from their website:

Kings N Things is a performance troupe that consciously performs gender in the spirit of non-conformity. Our shows provide a forum for a mixture of fun entertainment and serious activism on gender-related subjects, as well as many other socio-political issues.”

A couple of years back when I was studying photojournalism at UT, I dreamt of turning in a project like this. By the end of a night of shooting, I was exhausted and my cameras were covered in glitter, but I was thrilled I had been a part of such a great performance.